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"Lady, Go Die!" by Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins

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LadyGoDie!.pngWriter Max Allan Collins has completed yet another unfinished manuscript left to him by the late Mickey Spillane, this one titled Lady, Go Die! (Click here to reserve it from us.)  Dating from around 1945, just after Spillane submitted his first novel, I, The Jury, to the publishers, Lady, Go Die! is actually the belated original sequel to Jury, finally available to readers.  And as with last year's Spillane/Collins collaborations, Kiss Her Goodbye and The Consummata, Lady, Go Die! was worth the wait.

5-21-2012 12-28-11 PM.pngResearchers at Stanford University  have found that "video goggles and photovoltaic retinal implants could make vision restoration more practicable".  Using special glasses that "fire infrared signals into the eye and onto an implanted array of silicon photodiodes...(which)  simplifies what needs to be implanted and both transmits visual data and power directly to the implants, eliminating the need for any bulky external power source". To read more about this possible breakthrough, click here.  (Thanks WG!)  
5-21-2012 12-14-22 PM.pngBlogger Jennifer Winter lists five tips that can help job seekers when they go to interviews.  These tips range from doing research on the company you're interested in to following up after the interview.  To see all five steps, click here

CompleteJohnCarterVolume2.pngThe fifth book in Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Barsoom" series, 1922's The Chessmen of Mars, (click here to reserve a copy) trods some by-now familar narrative ground yet still has some great sequences and bizarre characters to keep the reader involved.  This time around, the protagonists are John Carter's daughter Tara of Helium and her would-be suitor, Gahan of Gathol, who "meet cute" at a reception at the beginning of the novel. 

5-14-2012 12-33-53 PM.pngIf you've just been laid off, you're going to have to make sure you still have health coverage and other benefits before starting a search for a new job.  John Rossheim at details how you'll need to secure your finances and other things (like health insurance and unemployment benefits) in this article. Click here to read. 

"The Saint Goes West" by Leslie Charteris

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SaintGoesWest.pngBefore I begin, be sure to check my Twitter page to find out when my review of Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Chessmen of Mars will be posted.  Meanwhile, this current blog entry is the first in a series of reviews of books that are currently out-of-print and not available from Greenwich Library other than through our Interlibrary Loan service.  (Click here to access the ILL page.)  






5-2-2012 3-14-59 PM.pngOver at the Think Beyond The Label website's "Hire Learning" blog, writer Suzanne Robitaille discusses how job seekers with disabilities can use their resume to "help a future employer understand why you're the best person for the job". Besides using her own CV as an example, Ms. Robitaille  also offers interview tips and a list of what NOT to put on your resume.  You can read her article by clicking here


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