Tax Tips For Job Hunters

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4-9-2012 12-09-05 PM.pngNeed to file your taxes and you're not sure what to do or where to begin, especially if you're currently out of work?  For job hunters with or without disabilities, "and who have been unemployed up to 30 days in 2011 or 2012, and self-employed people who suffered a 25% or greater drop in income last year because of the economy, can put off paying their taxes and filing until Oct. 15 under the IRS' Fresh Start initiative. (Click here to know more about Fresh Start.) Interest will accumulate on any tax amount that is due, but no penalties will apply".  (That's according to this article, which also includes other tax filing tips of interest.) 

More tips for unemployed job seekers can be found here. And this article gives you some ideas on getting a decent tax refund.  Don't forget: This year's filing deadline is April 17th!  Good luck!


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