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thuvia maid od mars 1.pngIn previous posts, I've expressed my extreme unhappiness with the critical reaction to Disney's terrific John Carter film.  Aside from the fact that most of the critics who panned the film have the combined intellectual capability of a tree trunk, the Disney studio did almost ziltch when it came to marketing and promoting the film properly.  (People have told me they were surprised that the movie was based on a series by "that Tarzan guy", Edgar Rice Burroughs, a fact an extensive advertising campaign would've promoted to the hilt.) 


4-19-2012 5-18-52 PM.pngThe third installment of Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Barsoom" series, The Warlord of Mars (click here to reserve a copy) picks up where the previous book The Gods of Mars left off.  There, John Carter, already having returned to Mars ("Barsoom" to the natives) after a decade, had to deal with religious zealots, meeting his son Carthoris for the first time, and many other situations and adventures before making his way back to his wife Dejah Thoris. 


Yes, job search expenses, which can include employment agency fees, resumes and travel costs, are deductible.  About.com outlines what job seekers filing taxes this year can deduct here.  And you can download the appropriate IRS filing form 529 here.

April 17th is the deadline to file your returns.  Click here to find out about filing an extension.  Good luck!

FYI:  Previous posts on tax tips this month have included the following:

10 Tax Benefits For The Self-Employed

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Possible Benefits For Taxpayers With Disabilities

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The Top Five Tax Resources For People with Disabilities


From the Choose Work blog, here are the 5 top tax resources to assist people with disabilities in filing their returns.  Lots of useful links here, including downloadable forms in braille and an instructional video, so don't pass this up!  Need I add that the deadline for filing is April 17th? 
4-12-2012 2-00-10 PM.pngCourtesy of Lawyers.com, here are some ways you can claim tax credit if you're disabled or handicapped and unable to work.   Just be aware you'll need "a doctor... to certify that your physical or mental condition can result in death or has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous 12-month period".  Among other things.  For more, click here and here
4-11-2012 10-33-54 AM.pngThis has been posted before, but with the April 17th deadline looming, taxpayers with disabilities may not know about tax credit benefits they're entitled to.  The IRS has this list posted online for filers with disabilities or with children who have disabilities.  Filers who fall under the proper criteria can deduct medical expenses, impairment-related work expenses, and care for the elderly, among other tax credits.  For more information, click here

4-9-2012 12-09-05 PM.pngNeed to file your taxes and you're not sure what to do or where to begin, especially if you're currently out of work?  For job hunters with or without disabilities, "and who have been unemployed up to 30 days in 2011 or 2012, and self-employed people who suffered a 25% or greater drop in income last year because of the economy, can put off paying their taxes and filing until Oct. 15 under the IRS' Fresh Start initiative. (Click here to know more about Fresh Start.) Interest will accumulate on any tax amount that is due, but no penalties will apply".  (That's according to this article, which also includes other tax filing tips of interest.) 

More tips for unemployed job seekers can be found here. And this article gives you some ideas on getting a decent tax refund.  Don't forget: This year's filing deadline is April 17th!  Good luck!


GodsOfMarsEdsBlog.pngThis 1913 sequel (published as a novel in 1918) to Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess Of Mars (reviewed here) starts off with a bang, as John Carter finds himself back on the planet Barsoom (Mars to you and me) after ten years), suddenly battling carnivorous plant men in the Valley of Dor on the River Iss.   





Tax time is coming, and if you're already self employed or thinking of going that route, this article from Investopedia.com lists the top 10 tax benefits you can get.  The piece includes tips on deducting such items as using a home office, health insurance, using the Internet and phone, and transporatation.  For more info, click here.  (And remember, this year's filing date is April 17th.)  Thanks to Think Beyond The Label for letting me know about this. 

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