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johncarterposter.pngThe critics were wrong!  Period.  John Carter the movie is an exciting, action-packed film with wit, imagination and more than enough human interest and sense of wonder to captivate even the most jaded film goer.  Except maybe overpaid, underworked film critics. 


Happy 90th Birthday Jack Kerouac!

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jackkerouacbday.pngJack Kerouac, the man whose 1957 breakout novel On The Road helped popularize the "Beat Generation" literary movement of the 50s and 60s, was born this day, March 12th (as Jean Louis Kerouac), 1922, in Lowell, Massachusetts. The impact of Kerouac's work, from his spontaneous style of writing, his emphasis on lost youth and romance, spirituality, drug use and jazz, and the need to be free from society's rules, still reonate with readers after all these years. In Kerouac's prose, we discover, in various ways, an overwhelming need to express ourselves and not be limited by society's boundaries. 


johncarterposter.pngBack in August 2010, I reviewed Edgar Rice Burroughs' first novel A Princess of Mars, which is the source material for the upcoming John Carter movie opening this Friday.  Here's what I had to say about the book.



Proyecto Vision

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proyectovision.pngProyecto Vision is a bilingual website "designed to connect youth with disabilities to educational and employment opportunities".   They offer links to job search and scholarship sites, internships and various other opportunities.  These sites "may focus on specific disabilities or on students living in certain states" or certain universities. Others focus on scholarships for Latinos, or for minorities in general.

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"Anno Dracula" By Kim Newman

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3-2-2012 10-44-21 AM.pngThe recent reissue of Kim Newman's 1992 horror novel Anno Dracula (click here to reserve our copy of it) derives it's plot from Bram Stoker's classic Dracula novel, but with a twist,  What if, Newman posits, the events of Stoker's book, specifically the climax, where Dracula is destroyed, didn't happen the way Stoker said it did


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