Business Insider: Online Reputation Management Tips for Job Hunters


Jim Wang at the Business Insider site writes about how employers are now running Internet background checks on applicants.  Mr. Wang notes that "anyone looking for work take steps to ensure that the results of a web search of their name won't lead to information...  that could hurt their chances of employment".   He gives suggestions on how you can clean up your web profile in the article, which you can click here to read. 


Great post - I wouldn't be surprised that companies are conducting the online reputation fo their future employees & as Google+ becomes more visible - it will become more important - A friend of mine work for "> Internet Reputation Management company & he told me few stories & it's amazing that a person/business can lose a whole lot from the negative repuation - it seems we are getting in new era of the Internet

As a job hunter, it is really helpful to know how to control the online reputation. I will keep the points in mind! Thanks for sharing!

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