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2-22-2012 1-05-51 PM.pngThe University of North Carolina's Disability Support Services has posted this page on resume writing strategies for college students with disabilities. Included among the tips UNC gives are having the right type of resume (Functional; Recent Graduate), things to do ("Check continuity of history"), things not to do ("Don't overstate your qualifications") and consideration of how to best disclose your disability.  For more, click here.   

lightning.pngGreenwich Library now offers the Lightning Magnifier (with Speech) software to persons with low vision.  Lightning is a software program "designed to assist with the reading of text on-screen. Whatever appears on the computer screen can be magnified up to 36 times."  Plus it also has a special features tool "with options for full screen, magnification, magnifying lens, strip magnifier, vertical and horizontal split screens".  A speech tool  "will speak all windows menus and dialog boxes, allowing full control of the computer.. (and)  gives full speech feedback for most text based word processing tasks including editing documents in Microsoft Word". (Couldn't have said it better myself.)

The Lightning Magnifier can be located at the Kurzweil 1000 public computer on the first floor by the Reference Desk.  For more info, contact me. 


Jim Wang at the Business Insider site writes about how employers are now running Internet background checks on applicants.  Mr. Wang notes that "anyone looking for work take steps to ensure that the results of a web search of their name won't lead to information...  that could hurt their chances of employment".   He gives suggestions on how you can clean up your web profile in the article, which you can click here to read.   

"Flash Gordon" (1980)

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2-3-2012 10-28-07 AM.pngThis is one of the goofiest movies I've ever watched. The 1980 film version of Flash Gordon, while drawing it's inspiration from the Alex Raymond-created newspaper comic strip (1934-2003)  and the classic three movie serials produced between 1936-1940, is an enjoyable romp that otherwise could've been -should've been- a lot more satisflying.  (Click here to reserve our copy.)



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