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12-21-2011 4-08-33 PM.pngHere's a good online article from writer Mohit Gupta on how the iPad "helps children with autism to communicate, express emotions, and improve their attention span" Gupta goes on to list online apps that can be downloaded on the iPad, such as iCommunicate and DancePartyZoo, and have a profound effect on autistic  children and their families.  Read more about it by clicking here

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Mobile Apps For Job Hunters

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12-19-2011 11-36-21 AM.pngThe Second Act website has a good piece on how job hunters can use various mobile social media apps on their iPhones and iPads.  It notes that:

"(Companies are now) creating careers websites optimized to work with smartphones or regular cell phones. They're letting job hunters opt in to receive automated text messages when new jobs open up. They're creating mobile versions of job boards that job hunters can quickly scan from BlackBerrys and iPhones. And they're creating specialized job-hunting apps that also help people research companies and practice interview questions."

Various apps, including ones for resumes and job research, are discussed. For more, go to by clicking here.


All Aboard 1972's "Horror Express"

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12-15-2011 1-13-15 PM.pngBack in the early seventies, I was a big fan of horror films, and any book or magazine (like the old Famous Monsters of Filmland) that covered the genre then would be scooped up by me!  I would read about the production history of classics like 1931's Frankenstein, archival interviews with recently-deceased stars like Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, and continuing coverage of then current productions starring Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  Sure, the latest films from these stars didn't always pass muster. Price's later Edgar Allan Poe film adaptations for AIP like Cry of the Banshee and Lee's last few Fu Manchu films are a chore for any fan to sit through. But when they could still hit it out of the ballpark, like Price in 1973's Theatre of Blood and Lee and Cushing in 1972's Horror Express, the results were sublime. 


How To Look For A Job When You Already Have One

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12-12-2011 10-51-51 AM.pngIf you're unhappy at your current job for whatever reason (low pay; personality conflicts; poor business),'s Caroline Levchuck has some advice for you.  Ms. Levchuck outlines five steps to conducting what she calls a "passive job search".  These steps include posting your resume online and informational interview with potential employers.  For more info, click here.   

If you managed to see the current Library News blog entry just posted, you'll know we now offer the Ruby handheld video magnifier to patrons who have trouble reading small (or otherwise) print.  Click here to read all about the Ruby.  Then take a look at the instructional video below: 



So spread the word to your family and friends!  Thanks!

12-5-2011 4-09-47 PM.pngFrom Business News Daily, here's a good article on seven (and more) things to know about when job hunting online.  According to recruitment strategy expert Colleen Aylward, "(y)ou'd better get your 'digital brand' in order" by doing such things as making sure "resumes and online profiles" are "packed with data and specific accomplishments" and being able to "demonstrate that you have kept up with technology, industry changes and how the economy has affected them".  For more, click here.   
12-2-2011 4-13-48 PM.pngOne of the many wonderful surprises found in Otto Penzler's 2007 collection The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps  (click here to reserve our copy) is a great 1938 novella by Leslie Charteris featuring his classic character The Saint.  First published in the US in Black Mask magazine in June 1938 and subsequently included in that year's (now out of print)  Follow The Saint collection, "The Invisible Millionaire" has the famous Simon Templar (AKA The Saint), the so-called 'Robin Hood of crime', immersed in a bizarre murder mystery.

12-1-2011 11-54-43 AM.pngTrying to find a good job these days in this lousy economy can be tough.'s   Margot Carmichael Lester has put together a list of eight tips to help job seekers look for the right positions while staying positive.  The tips (some of which may be familar to readers of this blog) include networking, taking temp jobs and how to pick and choose any particular opportunities that come up.  For more, click here

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