New York Comic Con 2011 (Part Two)

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Saturday, October 15th, I arrive for the third day of the New York Comic Con at the Javits Center. My plan is to attend more panels than I did the day before, but things don't quite work out that way. 

Unlike the two previous days, nearly everybody in the tri-state area, plus the other 47 ones, is in attendence.  Most of them are garbed as their favorite comic/video game/fantasy novel/film character, and while the costumes look terrific, I wish some of them didn't include carrying  pseudo sidearms or swords.  Those things, even if they're plastic, hurt when you're pressed against them in a crowded exhibition hall. 

Anyway, undeterred by the crowd, I managed to make my way to the DC Comics Panel at noon (the line started up around ten am) to hear about upcoming storylines in DC's "New 52" comics reboot.  Several of the writers and artists of those books, which include Justice League, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and the (now) Savage (!) Hawkman, spoke about what's coming up with these characters (like Wonder Woman's upcoming newly revised -again!- origin) while a slide show projected pages (either completed or struck from pencil breakdowns) and covers of future issues. 

The art was nice, but comics (books, graphic novels and newspaper strips) work best when you can understand what's going on without necessarily looking at the word balloons or captions (which do otherwise serve an important function in telling the story).  The examples I saw looked more like prospective promotional posters.  And it was tough figuring out who did what to whom in the panels seen on the pages.  Lots of shading and blacks, as well as bright colors are (over)used, I'd guess to create "mood" or something, but there's no sense of actual storytelling, just a lot of busy stuff.  And don't get me started on the anatomy or forced perspective. (Or, for that matter, this guy, of all people, now being depicted as wearing armor!)

Here are two examples I found online from some of the "New 52" books: One with Superman and one with  the Justice League.  They LOOK great, but, without some copy, especially with the JL one, try figuring out what's going on. 

In the next installment, I'll tell about the rest of which panels I did (and couldn't) attend on that Saturday.  And after that, there's Sunday's events. 


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