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9-30-2011 6-48-30 PM.pngIan Fleming's  James Bond 007 is back in the latest attempt to update the character's prose adventures with Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver.  (Click here to reserve a copy from us.) Previous authors who continued Bond's literary exploits after Fleming's death in 1964 have included Kingsley Amis (as "Robert Markham"), Christopher Wood, John Gardner, Raymond Benson and Sebastian Faulks.  Now Jeffery Deaver, whose previous non-007 work (like The Bone Collector) I haven't read, joins this exclusive brotherhood. 

FamilyChessNightSept.pngAnybody interested in learning to play chess or just wanting to brush up on their skills should drop by Greenwich Library's Meeting Room on the second floor this Friday night.  National Master Rich Jackson will provide instruction and supervise play. To kickoff the program, join us on Friday, September 30 for a family chess night in the meeting room at 7 pm. The monthly chess program will be held on the first Friday of the month starting November 4. No registration required. Free admission. All ages are welcome.  Wheelchair accessible. For more info, contact Everett Perdue at (203) 625-6507.  See you there.  


Get Ready For The MV-1!

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9-28-2011 9-30-10 AM.pngA new car company called Vehicle Production Group (VPG) is putting out a new van that's "factory-ready for wheelchair users".  It's called the MV-1 and has the following features:

(A)n integrated ramp capable of holding 1,200 lbs. with an anti-slip floor surface which is stored under the floor to not compromise interior space. The doorway is 36x56-inches to allow for easy entry. Inside, the van seats six people and wheelchair passengers can move inside the vehicle and sit in the front next to the driver.

More details about VPG's new van can be found by clicking here.  And check out VPG's site about the van here.

For interested patrons with disabilities: on September 27 beginning at 2:00 pm, there will be a program spotlighting the Microsoft Office Speech Recognition software "APP" and how to download it on iPhones and other devices at the library's Technology Training Center.  Moderated by Gary Krause, the application is described as saving "a lot of time versus keyboarding your Word documents and E-mail messages - and, can be up to three times faster".  The Dragon Dictate APP will also be discussed.  For more info, click here.   
9-21-2011 4-26-28 PM.pngWhat may be a new innovative business model for companies who have employees with autistic-related disabilities is being practiced at the software testing company Aspiritech.  This business model promotes the "detail-oriented" skills of employees who  "have been diagnosed with disorders on the autism spectrum".  By using their employees' special abilities, Aspiritech is able to provide state-of-the-art software testing services. Two online articles on Aspiritech's approach can be found here and here, and the Illinois-based company's website can be accessed here.  Hopefully other companies will adopt Aspiritech's take.  

Job Bank USA

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9-19-2011 4-51-57 PM.pngJob seekers, employers and advertisers should take note of the Job Bank USA website.  JBUSA offers assistance with resumes and interviews for job hunters, allows employers to post openings with starting salaries listed, and offers advertising (for a fee) to businesses and consumers.  Click here for more info.  

9-16-2011 11-39-29 AM.png(Note: The following review is of a POD book that's currently not available from the library's distributors. If you scroll down to the end of the post, you'll find information on where to get it.)

Pulp magazine fans like myself were thrilled when it was announced last year that author Will Murray was negotiating with the copyright holders of the classic pulp hero Doc Savage to write new stories based on the character.  Doc Savage had been one of the most popular pulp heroes next to The Shadow and The Spider during his 1933-1949 run, written mostly by his creator Lester Dent (as "Kenneth Robeson", a pseudonym also used by ghostwriters who'd occasionally fill in for Dent on the series).

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9-13-2011 9-50-23 AM.pngJob seekers with disabilities can now access the website for help in their search.  RecruitDisability directs job seekers to  "hot jobs" leads and paid internships, plus it'll post resumes online.  For more information, click here.     


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9-12-2011 2-24-18 PM.pngMy colleagues have added a new website to our home page that's sure to benefit job hunters.  It's the JobNow site, which you can find on our home page by clicking here.  JobNow offers live, online assistance with resumes and job interviews, plus tips and resources for seaching for the right job.  They also have an online Adult Training Center that can help job hunters update the skills needed to get ahead.  For more about JobNow, click here


9-8-2011 11-53-20 AM.pngOne of the all-time classic science fiction novels, Alfred Bester's   The Stars My Destination    is a timeless, fast-paced and exciting thriller that, outwardly, looks like a action adventure thriller.  But Bester manages to work in social satire and observations on various topics including faith (religious and other) as well. 

It's the 25th century.  Megacorporations run the Inner Planets (Earth, Venus, Mars, the Moon) and war is on the horizon between the IP and the Outer Planets (other inhabited/colonized planets). 


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