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8-30-2011 3-38-59 PM.pngPersons with/without disabilities living in Greenwich or elsewhere in the state can get updates on what's going on after Hurricane Irene's "visit" by clicking here to the Governor's websiteInfo on the closest shelters can be found there, and the Department of Consumer Protection has some important stuff regarding scammers as well.  Train service updates can be found here.  The Greenwich Time is also following the Irene story and it's aftermath.  And Greenwich Library is operating under it's normal hours with WiFi access for the public.  (Said access may be slower than usual since, due to the storm, we have more users.  So be patient if your laptop doesn't connect immediately.)  For further updates, go to our website here and our Library News blog here.

UPDATE (09/02/11):  The library's extended weekend holiday hours are listed here.

8-29-2011 1-27-39 PM.pngThere's a cool infographic from Colorado Technical University for job seekers that they can find at Ragan's PR Daily by clicking here.   CTU shows how digital text fonts, embedded photos, narrative profiles that point out your qualifications for the job in question, videos, and social networks, can help in updating your resume.  By showing a grasp of current technology in preparing their resumes, job seekers can have an edge over their competition in getting a particular postion.  For more infomation, click here.  (Thanks KP!)  

The MD Support Web Site

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8-23-2011 3-52-23 PM.pngThe MD Support web site is set up to assist and inform persons suffering from macular degeneration and other retinal diseases.  They offer links to support groups, public outreach, and alternative transportation, among other things.  You can find a link to MD Support on the library's ADA Page or go directly to the site by clicking here's New App

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8-22-2011 12-46-15 PM.pngFor the tech-savvy job hunters out there who want to stay updated, has just released a new app for Google Android 2.1 and other devices.  It's the Monster Right Job Finder and details about it can be read here.  You can download the app on your iPhones and other devicesfor free (it says here)  from this site by clicking here.  Hope it helps.  

The Connecticut Network for Legal Aid

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8-16-2011 2-51-44 PM.pngThe Connecticut Network for Legal Aid offers free legal assistance to persons with "very low income".  Their web site includes this page outlining the rights of people with disabilities (with links). Information on "Good Cause Eviction",  Living Wills and Job Discrimination, among other topics, can be found there.  Click here to find out more.   


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Headhunters.pngThe Headhunters site allows job seekers in the US and abroad to look up headhunters, executive recruiters, employment agencies and search firms, and personnel agencies in the country of their choice.  Agencies in Connecticut, for example, can be found here.  For more info, click here to access Headhunters   

"Kiss Me Deadly" (1955)

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KissMeDeadly.pngBy 1953, when Mickey Spillane's sixth "Mike Hammer" novel Kiss Me, Deadly came out, he already had a string of best-selling paperbacks and some unwanted attention from various busybody critics who took him for task for the amounts of sadism and sexuality in his work.  Yes, there are elements of violence and sex in Spillane's work, but they serve, especially in his best writing period (1947-53), as essential components in his narrative style.


The Blinded Veterans Association

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8-9-2011 2-46-48 PM.pngThe Blinded Veterans Association, in their own words, "was established specifically to help veterans and their families meet and overcome the challenges of blindness".  The BVA offers access and assistance to blinded veterans with such matters as benefits and rehabilitation services, among other things.  For more information, click here to visit their website.   

More On QR Codes (With Video!)

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Following up on my recent post about how job hunters can use Quick Response (QR) Codes in their employment search, here are some helpful sites that show you how to make your own codes: 

Intomobile explains how to make codes that can be scanned by mobile phones. 

Guide Goods has links to sites that show you how to make codes. 

Tech-It shows you how to make QR-Code Business Cards.  Includes templates. 

And here's a helpful video that shows what QR Codes on business cards can do:


Hope all these links help.  

8-4-2011 4-46-49 PM.png(Note:  Yours truly has "Pottered out" with watching the Harry Potter films for this blog and will be moving on to other genre topics for the time being.) 

National Public Radio is currently running an online poll with it's listeners to determine the Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels.  Fans can select up to ten titles and the votes will be tallied sometime next week.  Check it out by clicking here.  (Thanks SS.)

NPR also has this podcast interview with George R. R. Martin (A Dance With Dragons) which you may want to check out too.  (Thanks LM.)

Coming up soon:  A review from me of the 1955 film classic Kiss Me Deadly.  Watch for it. 

8-2-2011 3-26-19 PM.pngNo, I'm not trying to be funny.  Under the "Travel" heading on the library's ADA Page is a link to the, ahem,  Gimp On The Go website.  Please don't be put off by the site's name, as GOTG offers great  travel tips, reviews of places travelers and vacationers with disabilities would be interested in, resources to help you get around, and other helpful stuff.  It's a terrific and informative site that's constantly updated.  For more info, click here


How To Do eResumes

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8-1-2011 11-27-39 AM.pngThe eResumes website helps job seekers prepare their eResumes because nowadays,  "(e)mployers expect to get your resume via email, or from an electronic bulletin board, or through use of an electronic form".   The site gives you free samples of  resumes and cover letters, and shows how you can create your own e-portfolio.  For more info, click here.  

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