How Homeless People Use The Web To Improve Their Lives

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7-12-2011 3-24-44 PM.pngMaureen ODanu has an interesting article on how homeless people (whose numbers include civilians and veterans with physical and emotional disabilities) in Kansas City and other urban areas use the Internet and various forms of social media.  Homeless people, often with the aid of a cheap laptop or computer access at local libraries, can better themselves and their circumstances by being able to "connect more easily with far-flung family, track down job leads and communicate with potential employers, check dates and times of service availability, provide an opportunity to participate in community conversations and political discourse, and advocate for themselves".  By using the web to upgrade their skills in various areas, homeless people can develop computer mastery and improve their lives.  Read the complete article by clicking here.

1 Comment

It’s great that progress in communication media could help in such way. Not each person could allow to buy a house but almost everybody could afford to buy a laptop. God help these people to find their place in live.

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