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UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (and former "Saint" and "007") Sir Roger Moore recently spoke out for the rights of young people with disabilities.  Here's the video:



For more info, go to UNICEF's website here.  Also check out the Dreams For Kids site here.  (Thanks to the Huffington Post for the latter link.)   

6-13-2011 10-45-17 AM.pngIf you have skills in Java, Linux or basic software development and you're looking for work, check out Dice.com (click here).  This is a job site that technology professionals can use to find the right postions that match their skills and their potential employer's needs.  You can post your resume with them, set up a confidential profile and an email job alert account.  For more details, go to Dice.com by clicking here.   

6-7-2011 2-37-40 PM.pngSome updates on recent entries posted here on the blog (more after the jump):


Web Sites For Job Seekers 50 And Over

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JobSeeksAfter50.pngFinding the right job in today's ecomony is pretty tough, especially if you're fifty or more years old.  Some websites have important tips that can assist you in your search.  For example, BoomersNextStep.com suggests that you need to send out as many resumes as possible and not give in to frustration.  Ezine suggests research into potential employers and the use of social media such as LinkedIn.  And this site suggests that you keep from "thinking old" and refrain from talking about the past all the time, as that's a good way to suggest you're out of touch. 

Check out/click on the following site links for more information:


Snag A Job Finder


Careers After 50


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