How A Possible Goverment Shutdown Could Affect People With Disabilities (UPDATED)

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4-8-2011 5-12-59 PM.png(04/10/11 Update: The dreaded shutdown didn't come to pass.)

Well, I was going to post a review of the Ellery Queen DVD set (reserve it online here) today, but with talk of a possible shutdown of the federal goverment looming, I decided to opt for something more timely and informative.  Specifically, the impact a shutdown will have on persons with disabilities who need goverment assistance.  DisabilityScoop details the worse-case scenario here.  Medicaid, Social Security & Housing are among the areas that would be affected. 

And veterans with disabilities will get hit as well, according to this article.  Let's hope some kind of deal is struck successfully to avoid these scenarios.  (As for how the state of Connecticut plans to respond to a possible shutdown, read this.)

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