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The awful storms that ravaged at least six states in the south have resulted in over 300 dead, thousands more injured or homeless and lots of property damage.  CNN has posted a list of organizations that are helping out the survivors down there.  If you'd like to contribute money, blood or time, find out how by clicking here to CNN's website

Also, the American Red Cross has more than 30 emergency response vehicles en route to provide food and to hand out cleanup and comfort kits.  You can text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10 donation, give blood or volunteer.  More details here at their website. 


4-26-2011 3-35-42 PM.pngThe State of Connecticut's Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities (OPA) has posted on their site guidelines to protect consumers with disabilities who use assistive technology devices.  The Assistive Technology Lemon Law  outlines, among other things, what devices are covered by the law and what consumers and vendors must do if a device turns out to be, well, a lemon.  For more info about the law, click here.  The OPA can be reached to make any complaints about defective devices via email at OPA-Information@po.state.ct.us or by phone at the following numbers:

(860) 297- 4300 (Voice)
(860) 297- 4380 (TTY)
1-800-842-7303 (V/TTY) CT Only
(860) 566- 8714 (Fax)

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"Ellery Queen" on DVD!

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elleryqueendvd.pngToday's mystery readers (or at least the ones under 35) probably have heard of, but haven't read, any of the forty-plus novels and short stories starring the fictional mystery writer and detective Ellery Queen.  But from the character's debut in 1929 (in The Roman Hat Mystery, credited to "Ellery Queen" but actually written by EQ creators/cousins Frederic Dannay & Manfred B. Lee), Ellery quickly became popular right into the 70s. 


Danbury Man Gets Synthetic Cornea

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4-19-2011 2-45-05 PM.pngOne of my colleagues passed along this story from NewsTimes.com about the decades-long battle Richard Galla of Danbury had with a bizarre vision problem.  Doctors were able to devise a synthetic cornea to help Mr.Galla save his sight.  To read more about this promising development in assisting vision impaired people, click here.  (Thanks WG!)  

Tax Filing Tips For Job Hunters

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4-18-2011 11-52-31 AM.pngThe Christian Science Monitor unveils five ways job hunters and the newly employed can lower their taxes this year.  Among the methods discussed are deductions on your job search and student loans, and whether you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.  For more, click here.  Good luck!

(And click here to find out how to file extensions.)


In honor of National Library Week (April 10-16), my colleagues and I have put together a short video on all the great stuff Greenwich Library offers.  Without further ado, here's the video (and special thanks to CT, JY, DS, DW & WG!):

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Ray Kurzweil on The Colbert Report

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The inventor behind the Kurzweil 3000 software and other services to people with disabilities, Ray Kurzweil,  appeared on The Colbert Report last night, ostensibly to promote a new video he appears in.  However, the discussion veered off on various related topics, including how people with Parkinson's can merge with technology, the use of cochlear implants, virtural reality and, thanks to Smartphones, greater access to intellegence.  You can watch the interview below:


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The Connecticut Jobs Website

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4-11-2011 12-07-34 PM.pngJob seekers will be glad to know that there's a web site set up to assist them in their search.  The Connecticut Jobs site (CTJobs.com) helps job hunters look for specific positions, profile potential employers,  post online resumes and notify them of openings.  For more info, click here.   

4-8-2011 5-12-59 PM.png(04/10/11 Update: The dreaded shutdown didn't come to pass.)

Well, I was going to post a review of the Ellery Queen DVD set (reserve it online here) today, but with talk of a possible shutdown of the federal goverment looming, I decided to opt for something more timely and informative.  Specifically, the impact a shutdown will have on persons with disabilities who need goverment assistance.  DisabilityScoop details the worse-case scenario here.  Medicaid, Social Security & Housing are among the areas that would be affected. 

And veterans with disabilities will get hit as well, according to this article.  Let's hope some kind of deal is struck successfully to avoid these scenarios.  (As for how the state of Connecticut plans to respond to a possible shutdown, read this.)


Scientist and physican Miguel Nicolelis appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last week to promote his new book Beyond Boundries (which we carry; click here to reserve a copy). While there, Dr. Nicolelis discussed his work with the Walk Again Project at Duke University and his hopes in developing a robotic vest/exo-skeleton that can assist people with severe forms of paralysis.  You can watch the interview below: 



Prep for the Top 10 Interview Questions

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4-4-2011 9-56-08 AM.pngMonster.com contributor Carole Martin has a list of the top ten interview questions asked by employers to potential hires.  Pre-interview research and self-confidence are among the qualities job hunters will need to answer such questions as "Why should we hire you?" and "What salary are you seeking?"Click here to access the list.   

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