Assistive Technology Walk-In Lab On Wednesday, August 11th

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jaws_start.jpgToday and all through the week leading up to next Wednesday (August 11),  I'll be promoting (here and on Twitter), in conjunction with the Ask The Expert series, a special program which will assist patrons of our library. On August 11th, I'll conduct the library's first (hopefully not the last) Asssistive Technology Walk-In Lab  for patrons with disabilities. 

That afternoon, I will be demonstrating the various devices and software that the library has available to assist patrons with visual and other disabilities, such as the JAWS Reader and MAGic software products, the SARA scanner, the Focus 40 Braille Display, the Optelec Traveller and other equipment designed to assist persons who are visually and/or physically impaired.  The lab will be held at the library's Meeting Room on the second floor on the 11th beginning at 2:00 pm. The session is free and will be open to all members in and outside the community.  For further information, click here or call me directly at (203) 622-7918.


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