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Categories: seekers aren't the only ones using Twitter. The website, which I discussed here back in March, is now tweeting on Twitter.  Yep, the site is now able to, in their own words, "engage and interact with the disability community on a deeper level."  via Twitter.'s Twitter account will allow their followers to find "resources about each of's 10 main subject areas on topic-specific days" including benefits, civil rights, education, employment, health, housing and emergency preparedness.  To find out more about's Twitter account, click here.  And if you decide you want to follow them on Twitter, click here.  

How To Find A Job On Twitter

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twitter2.jpgThe article's title says it all:  How to find a job on Twitter (click here), as outlined by Sarah Evans, involves such steps as the following:

    *    Put your job pitch in your Twitter bio

    *    Include a link to an online resume in your bio

                           *   Establish yourself as an expert in your field on Twitter

To read about these and other ways to use Twitter, check out Ms. Evans' article here.


Heinlein.jpgOne of science fiction legend Robert A. Heinlein's earliest novels, 1951's The Puppet Masters is a great, goofy "alien invasion" tale that keeps you hooked from beginning to end.  Set in the early 21st century (when space travel is commonplace by the year 2007!), the book is a first-person account by "Sam" (not his real name), an intelligence agent for a CIA-like organization, who, with his boss "The Old Man", and fellow operative Mary, discovers that parasitic "slugs" from another world have taken over the bodies of various political, business and military leaders to mount a complete takeover of Earth! 

8-24-2010 3-10-42 PM.jpgThe Connecticut Department of Social Services has a list of state programs set up to assist people with disabilities.  (Click here.)  The list is organized by catagories such as Food and Cash Assistance, Employment, Medical, Housing, Winter Heating, Affirmative Action and Social Services.  If you have a disability or know someone who does, please check out this site to see what options are available to you.  

Ask The Headhunter Blog

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8-23-2010 9-23-49 AM.jpgNoted headhunter Nick Corcodilos, who runs the Ask The Headhunter online weekly newsletter, also posts a blog to offer advice to job seekers. His latest post offers suggestions on how to choose a new career. Check out that and other entries in Mr. Corcodilos' blog here.


8-19-2010 1-13-09 PM.jpgIn 1911, Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950), a failed businessman who had been working in a series of various dead-end clerical jobs and was desperate to feed his family, submitted a story to the then-popular pulp magazine All-Story under the pen name of "Normal Bean" (changed by somebody in editorial to "Norman Bean").  The story, originally titled Under The Moons of Mars, was picked up and serialized by All-Story in 1912 and became a popular hit with readers, resulting in a successful literary career for Burroughs (whose third novel was Tarzan of the Apes in 1914, having also been serialized in All-Story two years before). Under the more familiar title A Princess of Mars, Burroughs' first story also inaugurated the popular "Martian" series of adventures when first published in book form in 1917. 


The Amputee Coalition of America

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8-17-2010 1-57-00 PM.jpgThe Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) is an organization that seeks to help amputees "achieve their highest potential". The ACA  believes  that "people with limb loss must play the central role in decisions affecting their lives" and that only "then can they fully embrace life and its limitless opportunities for self-fulfillment".   For more about this remarkable organization, click here to access their web site. 


Facebook Now Offers BranchOut App

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branchout.jpgStarting last month, BranchOut, a new app that allows job hunters to network with friends and companies, became available for download on Facebook.  BranchOut "organizes your contacts by where they work, revealing the people you already know that are at the companies you're targeting to send out a resumé".  Currently BranchOut is free, but will begin charging users in September.  Before fees are put in effect, take a look at this NY Post article on BranchOut, then decide (if you're already on Facebook) whether or not you'd like to use it.  (And if you are on Facebook already, simply go to the Applications Directory to access BranchOut.)


Holmes War.jpgAnother fun Sherlock Holmes pastiche, The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: War of the Worlds, originally published in 1975, has just been reissued by Titan Books and will be of interest not just to fans of Arthur Conan Doyle's detective but to ones of H.G. Wells ' works also.  


jaws_start.jpgToday and all through the week leading up to next Wednesday (August 11),  I'll be promoting (here and on Twitter), in conjunction with the Ask The Expert series, a special program which will assist patrons of our library. On August 11th, I'll conduct the library's first (hopefully not the last) Asssistive Technology Walk-In Lab  for patrons with disabilities. 

webDesign.jpgCourtesy of, here's a web page that offers advice to job hunting Web designers and Web developers on putting together their print and/or online portfolios.  Completed websites, screen shots and use of high-def images are among the topics discussed.  For more, click here.   

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