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seva2.jpgSo I'm listening to Little Steven's Underground Garage the other night and LS gets to the "Freak of the Week" segment about 45 minutes in.  Past Freaks have included people like Jack Kerouac and film director Roger Corman, among others.  This particular week's Freak turns out to be none other than 60s social activist Wavy Gravy ( a blast from my past), who, according to Little Steven, is one of the governing members of the Seva Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with other, often impoverished, countries to assist blind and visually impaired people in getting affordable eye care.  The Seva Foundation also assists victims of natural disasters as well.  If you want to read more about, and contribute to, this remarkable organization (whose motto is "Compassion In Action"), click here.

(Wavy Gravy's still in business BTW.  Check out his site here.)

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