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c758.jpgFirst published in 1944 then revised in 1959 (with topical references to World War II removed), Theodore Sturgeon's classic novella Killdozer! is an exciting action packed thriller that builds up slowly at first before it ends in an explosive climax.  An eight man construction crew on a Pacific island begin getting killed off one by one.  As the survivors begin turning on each other, it's revealed that some kind of sentient energy being from a long-lost civilization has "possessed" a bulldozer and is picking off the remaining crew members one by one until...


Well, I'm not giving anything more away.  Killdozer! (which you can find on our online catalog here and here) is a neat, scary and taunt tale that, despite an unlikely premise (a killer bulldozer?!?), holds the reader's attention.  Sturgeon creates a reasonably realistic setting (drawing on his own experiences working on a construction crew) with proper attention paid to the technical details. He doesn't forget characterzation though; the crew members aren't depicted as stick figures but as men with their own respective flaws. 

Killdozer!  is edge-on-your-seat fun!  Check it out!

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