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A colleague of mine sent me this link from CTNow.com on various little known programs and services within the state to assist persons with disabilities.  One such service is DisabledDiscounts.com, which helps out disabled people with banking services, taxes, real estate and other financial matters.  Also included are such sites as CarePages and Chariots of Hope.  In future posts, I'll go in greater detail about each service individually, as well as see about adding links to them on the library's ADA page.  Meanwhile, for more infomation about these programs, go to the CTNow link here. (Thanks CT!)



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jobvent.jpgLove your job?  Hate your job?  You might want to see what others in the working force are going through at the JobVent site.  JobVent offers "reviews of jobs we love and hate", submitted anonymously to protect the contributors, and giving a forum for people to vent about the highs and lows of working for a particular employer.  Companies are rated according to pay, benefits, work environment, potential growth within and overall job security, among other conditions.  Most of the less complementary comments are focused on places that offer minimum wage of course, but job seekers might want to read JobVent for the pro and cons given about potential employers anyway.  To access the site, go here.  

Marsbound by Joe Haldeman

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n252390.jpgJoe Haldeman's 2008 novel Marsbound is a book for young adults of all ages.  Set in the distant future, the book follows young Carmen Dula (who's not yet nineteen when she first appears) and her family and friends as they get to travel to Mars, from where they'll spend five years (her parents being part of a scientific research team stationed on the planet) .



jaws_start.jpgVisually impaired patrons will be happy to know that Greenwich Library now has the JAWS (Job Access With Speech) Screen Reader software available for their use.  Installed in a computer on the first floor by the Reference Desk (phone: (203) 622-7911), the JAWS Reader will enable persons with visual impairment to "read" what's on the computer screen.



Secrets of the Job Hunt Online Site

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secretsjobhunt.pngThe Secrets of the Job Hunt site is a self-described "social network with career podcasts, blogs and forums for job seekers and career advice professionals".  Career professionals post podcasts and blog posts offering advice to job seekers looking for work.  They also offer a Career Coach Directory (not to be confused with the CTWorks one) and online Job Search Guides to assist in job searches.  For more information, go here.




n2753.jpgIn lieu of this Sunday's four-hour TV adaptation of Philip Jose Farmer's "Riverworld" books, I thought I'd post this link to the Official Philip Jose Farmer Home Page that explains the genesis (including a previous TV version) of the original series.  For the record, I've only read the first three installments and enjoyed them very much.  Anyway, the "movie event" begins airing on the SyFy Channel (check your local cable listings) Sunday night, April 18, beginning at 7:00 pm (EST).  (On the left is the cover of the first book in the series, To Your Scattered Bodies Go.)



4-13-2010 2-58-47 PM.jpgGreenwich Library will now be offering the SARA (Scanning And Reading Appliance) Screen Reader to visually-impaired patrons as part of it's continuing service to provide assistive technology to the community.  SARA is a portable scanning device that can "read" books or documents to visually impaired people and can plug into any available outlet within the library. 


Every second Tuesday of the month, CTWorks' "Career Coach"  parks in front of Greenwich Library's West Putnam entrance to assist job seekers in updating their professional skills.  Tomorrow (April 13), the CC will offer two workshops on Microsoft Word 2003: Level 1 at 10am to noon and Level 2 1-3pm.  For registration information on both sessions, go here and here.


fools_large.jpgA series of seemingly unrelated events - scientists driven mad while experimenting with a cyberspace helmet; a university science project creating self-evolving and possibly self-aware software; protagonist Doug Carey's research program on creating an interface between man & machine similar to the one he has with his computer software-controlled prosthetic arm - all come together to form the main dramatic conflict in the novel Fools' Experiments


From last night's Colbert Report.  Watch Segway inventor Dean Kamen show off his new prosthetic "Luke" arm created to assist amputee soldiers wounded in action: 

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The "Jobs For Change" Site

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4-5-2010 1-58-37 PM.jpgJob seekers should be aware about the Jobs For Change web site, which offers advice and assistance in looking for suitable employment.  The site gives advice based on demographics and individual job criteria, as well as guidence in such areas as resumes, cover letters, career advancement and re-entering the job market.  For more, go to http://jobs.change.org


hawkmoon-jewelintheskull.jpgOriginally published in 1967, Hawkmoon: The Jewel In The Skull, the first of British fantasy/science fiction author Michael Moorcock's "Runestaff" novels, introduces the reader to a futuristic, post-nuclear holocaust Europe where science and sorcery co-exist.  Armored knights in horseback use flame-throwers as well as swords, and occasionally fly around either on mutated living flamingos or in helicopter-like vehicles.  




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