Important Stuff For The Disabled About The Current Situation In Greenwich

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From the Town Hall web site, here's a list of transportation services that can assist the disabled to get around during the current emergency situation in Greenwich.   

The town's Department of Health responds to the current situation, and what you need to do (and not do) if conditions haven't improved, here.

Town Hall will be issuing updates on what's going on in the storm's aftermath here.

Greenwich Library and its branches are making all of our resources available to people still without power.  Go to the Library News blog here for more information.  Community Answers is also available to answer any concerns you may have. 

And for more news updates about the latest cleanup efforts, go to the Town's site here. Still more emergency info can be accessed at the Emergency Preparedness page.

If I've missed mentioning any other services (like Greenwich Hospital), please email me.  Thanks.


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