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Followers of this blog may have noted my fledging attempts at doing podcasts a few months back. 
While I have the technical aspects down, I still need to work on my presentation.  (Also, I have to develop an actual "stage presence", if you know what I mean.)  In the meantime, however, as I work out the bugs, let me refer you to the Book Cave podcast site to give you an idea of what I'm aiming for.  The guys running the podcast review various science fiction novels, graphic novels (comics), old television programs like The Avengers, pulp novels and authors (like H.P. Lovecraft), movie serials and radio dramas, as well as having discussions on individual authors (like Philip Jose Farmer) and their works.  They've also conducted on-air interviews with such genre professionals as pulp historian and writer Will Murray and Rik Offenberger of Archie ComicsHere's their most recent podcast, an interview with Bobb Cotter, author of a new book on pulp novel superhero Doc Savage.  So if you enjoy hearing about old books, comics, pulps, classic films and TV shows in the fantasy, science fiction and horror genres, this podcast site is for you! 

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