Job Seeker Sites For Persons With Disabilities

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Quite a while back I mentioned the site that assists people with disabilities looking for work (go here to visit the site).  Now their are a few more sites that have sprung up to help out those job seekers. 

Among these job boards (click on their names to access their pages) are:


Diversity World

U.S. Office of Personnel Management 

One recent site that I discovered is HirePotential, which assists job seekers to find employers who can provide special accomendations for their particular disability as well as consulting employers on how to provide those accomendations.  Of course, Greenwich Library's ADA Page  offers links to career and employment sites to assist our patrons with special needs as well. And CTWorks now has an online Disability Program Navigator.  So if you or someone you know has special needs and is looking for help in getting a job, check these sites out.


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