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Quite a while back I mentioned the site that assists people with disabilities looking for work (go here to visit the site).  Now their are a few more sites that have sprung up to help out those job seekers. 


200px-Conan_bloody_crown.jpgRobert E. Howard (1906-1936) wrote several stories and novellas in a variety of genres during the late 20's-early-to-mid-30's for various pulp magazines like Weird Tales and Adventure, but he's also credited with creating the "Sword and Sorcery" fantasy genre.  Through the exploits of such characters as "Kull", "Brak Mak Morn" and the most famous of them all, "Conan the Barbarian", Howard created a dark, forboding yet exciting and frantic style that held the reader's attention with larger-than-life tales that combined fantasy, horror and action/adventure. 

As asute web surfers may have noticed, Greenwich Library now has a new, more dynamic and easier-to-maneuver home page, located here.  Not to worry though; our ADA page is still up.  Anybody needing to access any disability/ADA-related site links can still locate our page at .  Check it out and let me and my colleagues know what you'd like the page to highlight.   

The Immortals by James Gunn

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imlg.jpgIn 1962, writer James Gunn published a collection of interwined short stories entitled The Immortal about the exploits of Dr. Russell Pearce and his (and others') encounters with Marshall Cartwright and his progeny.  Seems Mr.Cartwright has a rare blood type that keeps him and his children from aging or dying and getting sick.  A transfusion of his blood not only cures the recipient of any affliction they're suffering but also temporarity restores their youth as well.  Of course, this makes Cartwright and his offspring very valuable to the rich and powerful, who use every resource available to track them down. 


Disability Etiquette

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As someone who once gave directions to a legally blind patron by pointing(!), I can understand the need to practice interacting with people with disabilities.  Two sites of interest that instruct the proper etiquette are the United Spinal Association, who offer a free download of their etiquette manual here, and the Memphis Center for Independent Living here. Give them a look.  
A new procedure involving gene therapy manages to partially restore a young boy's eyesight.  NY Times writer Pam Belluck reports on this breakthrough here.   

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