For Persons With Disabilities: Tax Tips for the Elderly and Disabled

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It's that time of year again, and for those tax filers who are elderly and/or disabled, here are some online links to assist you in completing your returns:

*  Renters in Connecticut who are disabled or elderly can be reimbursted by the state.  Go here for information.

*  Connecticut property owners who are blind and/or otherwise disabled can be exempted from paying part of their property tax.  United Way of Connecticut has more on this.  And so does the East Hartford homepage

*  Veterans with disabilities in the state must now submit a letter verifying their status for tax abatement

*  For the federal 1040 form, disabled filers can claim credit by following these steps.  The necessary form for this credit, Schedule R, can be downloaded here.

*  Finally, there's the site, which can also assist you in filing your returns. 

I'll refer to this post next week, with additional links.   

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