Classic & Cult Television: Get Smart & Banacek

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My thanks to everyone who attended last night's showing of Get Smart.  After all these years, it's nice to know that the adventures of Maxwell Smart (Don Adams, who was never funnier) still resonate with audiences after over forty years! 

I screened the pilot episode "Mr. Big" (written by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry; here's a brief clip) first, then had asked if anybody wanted to see another episode.  Everybody said yes and we watched "The Diplomat's Daughter", notable for introducing the sinister arch villain The Claw (who likes to torture people but can't bear to hear how his henchman can produce air bubbles in an opponent's bloodstream). 

Coming up on May 7th, I'll be showing an episode of the 1972-74 series Banacek starring George Peppard, beginning at 7:15pm.  For more about this series, click here

And be sure to check our online calendar of events for future programs!

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