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LunaCon09.jpgDespite various setbacks (transportation, etc.), I managed to attend the 2009 Lunacon convention last Saturday and had a pretty good time.




There were a lot of panels (some I didn't get to) discussing topics such as marketing your first novel, the return of science fiction radio drama via podcasts (podcasts being a popular topic of mine as persons who have read my blog will attest to), anime and ebooks.  My favorites included the ones on the CSI TV shows and other programs being science fiction or not (I'd say yes) and the salty-titled "What The *$&% Happened to M. Night Shyamalan?"  which focused none-too-flatteringly on the director's recent films.  One panel I did miss was this one, darn it!   Here's the schedule for that day

Four science fiction & fantasy classics were "assigned" for convention guests to read and discuss at the respective panels.  The books are listed here.  Scroll down to the last paragraph to see which ones Greenwich Library carries.  (I've only read three of them.)

For aspiring authors, there were a number of opportunities to meet editors and other writers from the publishing field.  The were also displays of original art and poetry and prose readings as well.  I got to meet one of the webmasters behind the SFScope site, which you can link to here; I was the one who purchased the very informative Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy book by the editors of Analog magazine at the SFScope table.  (I also got a very-used copy of this out-of-print Edgar Rice Burroughs novel in paperback from the Dealers' Room.) Next year I'll have to organize myself better to catch more panels.  My thanks to Lunacon's organizers for a great time! 

Upcoming the weekend of April 3-5 in Brentwood, Long Island:  the I-Con Convention.  Details here

Here are the links to those four sf/fantasy classics discussed at Lunacon that are carried by the library: 

Foundation by Isaac Asimov 

The City and the Stars by Arthur C. Clarke 

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain 

Rogue Moon by Algis Budrys can be found in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame (Volume Two B) collection, edited by Ben Bova, at the library here.  This is the only one of the four I haven't read.   


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