For Persons With Disabilities: Update on Handicapped Parking Permits Abusers

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Last December, I posted this item about Connecticut's Department of Motor Vehicles going after persons abusing Handicapped Parking permits.  Now MSNBC has posted this update on the story.  Basically, there are going to be some major changes in determining how many permits a disabled person will get. 

Meanwhile, the state's disabled and elderly, who already have this to worry about, are also being taken advantage by unscrupulous vacuum salespeople.  The Hartford Courant has the story here

UpdateLast week I linked to some news stories about returning soldiers and the difficulties many were facing.  Well, according to this piece, the Vets have hit another potential roadblock in regards to health and disability care (although to be fair, it is just a proposal, albeit a pretty heartless one). 

Update II (3/18/09):  The Vets' health and disability care won't get changed after all

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