Classic & Cult Television: Route 66 To Be Shown at Greenwich Library March 11th

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51mV-yKwT1L__SL500_AA240_.jpgOn March 11th at 7:30 pm in the second floor Meeting Room, Greenwich Library will show an episode of the classic "Beat"-influenced TV series Route 66.  The series starred Martin Milner (later of Adam-12) and George Maharis as two young, rootless men with no family ties who travelled down the legendary highway and found themselves in a new situation each week. 

Created by Sterling Stilliphant, the 1960-64 series was filmed on actual locations all around the USA, with two episodes shot in Canada. But despite the ongoing presence of the show's two protagonists, who were obviously patterned after the ones in Jack Kerouac's  1957 novel, On the Road (go here to read about Kerouac's less-than-happy reaction to the show),  Route 66 was clearly designed as a weekly dramatic anthology/travelogue that concentrated on the plights of different characters the two regulars encountered during their travels.  The show's format each week would have Tod (Milner) and Buz (Maharis) arrive at some town, city or other location in their cool-looking Corvette and become involved in the situation of the people they met and/or worked for.  (Tod and Buz held a lot of different jobs during the show's run.)  

The episodes would alter in tone; one week, a drama, the next, a comedy, another a murder mystery/thriller, and still another a combination of one or two of the previous episodes' various dramatic styles.  Tod and Buz would get involved in domestic and social dramas, political intrigue, and romantic comedy, though often staying in the background as the people they'd meet (played by such past and present stars as Alan Alda, James Caan, Barbara Eden, Anne Francis, Lee Marvin, Julie Newmar, William Shatner, Ethel Walters, Jack Warden, and, in one memorable 1962 episode, Lon Chaney, Jr., Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre all together) would carry the narrative.

Maharis eventually left the series midway during the third season due to medical problems and was replaced by Glenn Corbett as Linc, a Viet Nam vet who hooks up with Tod.  The show was (very) briefly revived in 1993 with a new cast.  Nelson Riddle composed the catchy opening theme music, which you can listen to here

If your interest has been piqued, stop by the Meeting Room on Wednesday the 11th and travel down Route 66 with Tod and Buz.  All are welcome.   

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