Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: H.P. Lovecraft's "Tales"

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41M5P80PA7L__SL500_.jpgBack in 2005, the Library of America  published a collection of stories and one short novel by American horror-fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) entitled simply Tales, edited by Peter Straub.  The tome, which collected such genre classics as "The Dunwich Horror", "The Colour Out of Space", "Herbert West - Reanimator" and the novel At The Mountains of Madness, is a terrific introduction to Lovecraft's works.  (This and other collections of Lovecraft's tales can be found at the library here.) 

Mr. Lovecraft's influence on the horror and fantasy genres has influenced a number of writers, artists and filmmakers over the past century.  The H.P. Lovecraft Archive site notes just how wide and persuasive the author's presence has been over the decades in various media.  Check out Lovecraft's output yourself and see if you don't agree that his work not only holds up but can still frighten the heck out of a reader!

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