Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: Odds 'n' Ends #1

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Here's the first installment of "Odds 'n' Ends", a recurring series of listings of various related sites, links and general items that may be of interest to genre fans.

Ray Bradbury was the first real "serious" science fiction writer whose stories and novels I faithfully followed.  His seminal work is still the classic novel/collection The Martian Chronicles, which is now on various school reading lists (often along with Bradbury's other classic, Fahrenheit 451), which wasn't the case when I first read it in junior high many, many years ago.  Anyway, students (and fans) may be interested in the Ray Bradbury Online site, which offers lots on information about the man and his work.  (And also check out Mr. Bradbury's official website too.)

*  Fans of Orson Scott Card and his Ender series (which also shows up on school reading lists) will want to look at the Ender's Game website, which offers lots of information and related links about the series.  There's also a Marvel comic based on the first book of the series, which Mr. Card discusses here

*  Forty-two years ago, Harlan Ellison put together a still-controversial collection of short stories and novellas by various authors (including some previously mentioned in this weblog) called Dangerous Visions, which knocked me out when I first read it.  The SF Site offers an incisive critical analysis of the work here.  (Yes, we carry it.) And here's another review

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