For Persons With Disabilities: Two Recent Articles Involving Braille and Google

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Many thanks to my colleagues (as well as one of my siblings) who clued me in on these recent articles from The Boston Globe and The New York Times, to which I'll provide links forthwith: 

The Globe article is an unintended kind-of-follow-up to my post last week on Braille.  The article discusses attempts by teachers at a Watertown, MA school to raise Braille literacy rates among their students, and the various obstacles they both face.  You can read the article here

Last Sunday's New York Times had an article in their Business section on the efforts of Google's T. V. Raman to "help make electronic gadgets and Web services more user-friendly for everyone".  His projects include a "touch-screen phone".  Read all about Mr. Raman's inspiring and remarkable work here and at his blog here.   -Ed


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