Classic & Cult Television: Secret Agent (AKA Danger Man)

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51Y9517RXCL__SL500_AA240_.jpgAs a follow-up to last week's post on the cult TV series The Prisoner, and it's star/creator, Patrick McGoohan, I wanted to mention the other 1960s show Mr. McGoohan was renowned for, Secret Agent (as it was called in the US), also known as Danger Man.

There were two incarnations of the British-produced Danger Man series.  The first series, which aired in the UK and US in 1960-61, had a run of 39 black & white, half hour episodes detailing the adventures of Irish-American NATO agent John Drake (McGoohan) and was at the time the closest television had ever come to capturing the style of Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 novels (minus the sex and violence, of course).  The series did well internationally everywhere but in the US and no further episodes were produced. 

Because of the popularity of the films based on Fleming's 007 books, Danger Man was revived in 1964, as a series of hour-long (45 in all) black and white episodes (plus two color ones), which ran on the US television network CBS in 1965-66 as Secret Agent. Now John Drake worked for the fictional (?) British Intelligence agency "M9", and was British himself (though now and then he'd tell people he was actually Irish).  The show was much more successful in the US, but after two color episodes were filmed (later released together as an edited TV-movie, Koroshi  in 1968), McGoohan opted out to produce and star in his pet project, The Prisoner

The library has some of these episodes available here for patrons.  For more info about the show, check out these sites: 

The Danger Man Website  

Donia Corp's Secret Agent Page

Cult TV (UK)

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