The Catacombs of Space:1999

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51CXWMSGHCL__SL500_AA280_.jpgOne of the best-produced science fiction TV shows ever put together (although for dramatic reasons, it's scientifically inaccurate) was the British-made Space:1999, which aired on US stations in first run syndication from 1975-77 and starred former Mission:Impossible cast members Martin Landau and Barbara Bain (pictured above). The slightly unrealistic premise -in 1999, a military & scientific colony known as "Moonbase Alpha", consisting of 300 men and women on the moon, is hurled into space (and into other star systems) after nuclear waste stored there explodes- and the inhabitants there must cope with their perilous situation themselves - was simply a plot device to get the characters in one dramatic situation after another. The show's production values, which included impressive special effects that still hold up after all these years, were above average, and if the writing sometimes flagged, the acting and direction made up for any lulls.

The first six episodes of the series are available at Greenwich Library. (Go here.) The series has also inspired one of it's fans to put together one of the most comprehensive web sites devoted to any television series, The Catacombs . Here, you'll find information on the making of all 48 original episodes, background on the creative personnel, the various merchandising (including original paperback novels and comic books based on the show), other site links and even the movies!

Even if you're not a fan, you'll be amazed at how this site is put together.   Explore The Catacombs here to see what I mean!      -Ed

Related Sites: Fanderson (a site devoted to Space:1999 and other shows created and produced by Gerry Anderson ); Television Heaven .



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