Make Room! Make Room! Classic Science Fiction Novel is Back in Print!

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mrmr!.jpgAfter much too long, the harrowing 1966 Science Fiction classic, Make Room! Make Room! , the source for the infamous 1973 film Soylent Green , has finally (since last spring, actually) been reprinted! At last, new readers will get an opportunity to look at Harrison's work and not associate it just with the one-joke premise ("Soylent Green is...") that comedians love to riff on.


Using the framework of a detective novel, Make Room! Make Room! is really a warning about the perils of overpopulation, sociatal and technological breakdown, enviromental collapse, and reduced natural resources (unlike the film, which seemed more concerned with the threat of canibalism,as if that was the only problem!). Harrison's social commentary, while reflecting the political period of the book's original publication, is still topical and to-the-point, and may be tough for some readers to conprehend fully. (Although the novel is set in the year 1999, it's not hard to consider it's setting as a possible alternative future. We could still wind up like the book's protagonists.)

Last April, upon the book's reissue, the Los Angeles Times had this very perceptive article on Harrison's work. Check it out. If you're interested, you can reserve a copy of the book online here , and for comparision's sake, check out the movie version here .  

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