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Local History and Genealogy

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Greenwich Library's historic photo collection.

Greenwich Library sponsors programs on local history and genealogy on a regular basis. Some programs are co-sponsored with The Friends of the Cos Cob Library. The library also works closely with the Friends of the Greenwich Library Oral History Project, as well as the Greenwich Historical Society. If you would like to receive an e-mail notification of events, please click here to add your name to our list.

The Local History and Genealogy collection consists of approximately 5,000 books, 800 Oral History transcripts, yearbooks, historic maps, vertical files, pamphlets and periodicals. U.S. Census microfilm is available as well as The Boston Transcript microfiche and City Directories from the late 1800s. Greenwich Library is also the repository for the Gotch Photo Collection, the Shoah Foundation Holocaust videos, Peterson ephemera, Rundle genealogy research materials, and Connecticut Playmakers program materials, and Veterans videos.



List of the most popular local history and genealogy books listed by time frame with direct links to the library catalog.


Includes and—two very Powerful subscription genealogical databases.


Additional research sites, as well as special historical and genealogical organizations.

Library of Congress: Prints & Photographs Online Catalog

Treasures of Connecticut Libraries

Unified 1940 Census ED Finder

Newspaper Indexes

Links to major and minor newspaper sites. Link to Greenwich Time.

Greenwich Digital Collections (Card Catalog: 1877 to 1982; Printed Lists: 1983 to 1992; Database: Mid-February 1983 to 2011)

Greenwich Digital Collections include a searchable interface to newspaper and magazine articles and photos of local interest for the Greenwich Time, Greenwich Magazine and all predecessors.

An index of more recent editions of the Greenwich Time (2012 to present) can be found through The Greenwich Newspaper Collection and the Greenwich Time website.

The Greenwich Digital Collections are divided into three parts:

Computer Database (Mid-February 1983 through 2011)

Simply select Name, Subject or Keyword and enter your search term. You will get a list of all articles that contain the phrase. This will include the article title, date, page and column. You can then search the newspaper microfilm for these articles.

Greenwich Digital Collections

Printed Lists (1983 to 1992) These are physical lists located in the Periodicals area of the library on top of the card file which contain the title, date, page and column of the obituaries, articles, etc.

Card Catalog (1877 to 1982) These card files are located in the Periodicals area of the library which contain the same information.
Note that all obituary index information from these years can now be accessed online.

Greenwich Men Engaged in the Coasting Trade and Fisheries

This list, covering the years from 1799-1812, may be of use for researching family histories in the Greenwich/Fairfield County area. It's a list taken from the U.S. Customs House, Fairfield District. This information can be searched by name, sloop name or year.


The local history collection includes microfilm of city directories, U.S. Census records, some early town records, Sanborn Insurance maps, and Boston Transcript microfiche.


Connecticut Ancestry

Connecticut History

Everton's Family History

New England Ancestors

Greenwich Magazine

Greenwich Magazine Index

Historical Maps

Index list with title, date, location and description of various historical maps.

Vertical File

An index of paper files by subject headings, which may contain miscellaneous newspaper and magazine clippings, photos, brochures, manuscripts, etc.


Please see Librarian for yearbooks.

Helpful Links

Getting Started

Links to and its user-friendly tutorial on beginning genealogical research.

Genealogical Groups

Connecticut Ancestry Society

Connecticut Genealogy Forum

Connecticut Society of Genealogists

Directory of Professional Genealogists

Local History Groups

Greenwich Historical Society

The Oral History Project

The Stamford Historical Society

Connecticut Historical Society

Connecticut History Online


Reference Services

The Greenwich Library staff is happy to assist you with finding:

  • Obituaries
  • Wedding announcements

Please send your check in the amount of $5 payable to the Greenwich Library to cover the cost of printing and postage. Check the "Contact Us" section for mailing address.

Questions about local history or genealogy should be submitted to the librarian as explained in the "Contact Us" section. There may be charges for copies and postage.

Contact Us

You can contact the Greenwich Library to ask a local history or genealogy question by e-mail, phone, FAX or U.S. Mail.


Phone: (203) 622-7948

FAX: (203) 625-6556

U.S. Mail:

Carl White, Local History Librarian
% Greenwich Library
101 West Putnam Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830

Gotch collection
These are photographs of Greenwich taken by professional photographer John Gotch from the early to mid 1900s.

Shoah Foundation
Video testimonials of people who experienced and survived the Holocaust, including local Greenwich residents.

Rundle research materials
Collection of materials used in the research of the Rundle family genealogy.

Connecticut Playmakers
Programs and phonograph records of early plays performed by the Connecticut Playmakers acting group.

Veterans videos
Interviews with local people who served in World War II.