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Some books are longer than others. Some weeks there is just not enough time. At Greenwich Library we appreciate this, which is why we offer our patrons the ability to arrange for the extension of their loans by renewing them. Most library materials are renewable at any library location, online or over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Renew...?

FAQ Answers

  • Do I need to have my library card number to renew?

    Yes, whether you renew via telephone, or over the Internet, you will need to provide your library card number. If you come into the Library to renew, please remember to bring your library card with you.

  • Where can I renew my materials?

    Library materials can be renewed from this Web site (, via telephone(203-625-6524), or in the library at either the Returns Desk or the Check Out Desk.

  • Can everything be renewed?

    Almost everything can be renewed. The exceptions are:

    • Periodicals
    • Items which are on hold for another patron
    • Items which have already been renewed twice

    For more information on our loan policies, click here.

  • Can I renew Interlibrary Loan materials?

    Because we want to return Interlibrary Loan books to the supplying library in a timely manner, ILLs can be renewed one time only for a period of one (1) week.

  • How do I know that my items are renewed?

    When renewing an item over the website a pop-up box will appear showing whether your item was successfully renewed. If the item cannot be renewed the pop-up box will include an explanation. Items that were successfully renewed will show the new due date.

  • How many times may I renew materials?

    Most items may be renewed up to two times, assuming that the item isn't on hold for another patron. Please bear in mind that the renewal period starts on the day that the item is renewed.

    This means that if you wait until the day that an item is due to renew it, you will get the most time with the item. If you do this for a second renewal, you could have the item for the maximum possible checkout period.

  • Can you let me know before my items are overdue?

    Yes. Greenwich Library will email all patrons who have provided us with their email address a reminder notice when they have items coming due in two days. To modify, change or delete your email address please visit the My Settings section of our Web site.

  • What if I have had problems receiving Greenwich Library emails?

    If you have provided us with your email address but have not been receiving Greenwich Library email notices, they may have been going to your spam folder. Please find your email client in this brochure and follow the easy steps to be sure our emails arrive.

How Do I Renew...? Answers

  • By telephone?

    To renew your items via telephone, just call (203) 625-6524 with your library card during Library hours.

  • Online?

    To renew your items online, click the My Library Account link. Then:

    • In the first box, type your card number (the long number on your library card -- leave out the hyphens)
    • In the second box, type your PIN.
    • Click on the "Log In" button.
    • Click on the link that says " Total Items" (located on the left side of your screen).
    • Click on the check boxes next to the titles you wish to renew.
    • Click on the green "Renew Selected" button.
    • A pop-up will appear alerting you whether your renewal was successful or not.

    To be taken directly to the My Library Account utility, please click here.

    Below is a video showing you how to renew your items. If you have any other questions please contact us at or by phone at 203-625-6524.

  1. In person at the Library?

    Bring your Library Card to the Returns Desk and ask to have the items on your card renewed.