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Welcome to Elton's Café

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Elton's Café, located on the Main Library's Lower Level, offers a diverse menu for breakfast and lunch. Daily specials are offered as well as soups, salads, sandwiches and drinks. Snacks and candy are also available for the mid-afternoon munchies.

salad specials

See what some customers have to say about Elton's Café:

  • "I love the specials!"
  • "Good conversation and good food!"
  • "The food and service are great!"



Food Price
Bacon, egg & cheese sandwich $3.50
Bagel with butter $1.50
Bagel with cream cheese $1.75
Muffin $1.75
Danish $2.00
English muffin with butter $1.25
Coffee $1.50
Tea $1.50
Yogurt $1.35


Food Price
Tuna Salad $5.75
Chicken Salad $5.75
Egg Salad $5.25
Turkey $6.25
Ham & Cheese $5.50
B.L.T. $5.50
The Lox $6.00
Kids' cheese sandwich $4.00
Kids' tuna or turkey $4.75
Kids' peanut butter & jelly $2.75


Food Price
Tossed Salad $5.50
Chef's Salad $6.50
Caesar Salad with grilled chicken $6.75
Asian Salad $6.75

daily specialsDaily Specials

Food Price
Soup $3.50
Special sandwich price determined daily
Low-Fat special price determined daily
Vegetarian special price determined daily

new specialNew Special

Food Price
Small soup and 1/2 sandwich (tuna, egg or chicken salad) $6.00


Food Price
Potato or macaroni salad $1.75
Candy or chips $1.00
Piece of fruit $1.00
Fruit salad $2.50
Cookies $1.00
Brownies $1.50
Ice cream $2.00
Rice pudding $2.50


Food Price
Soda $1.25
Snapple $1.50
Poland Springs water $1.25
Orange juice $1.25
Gatorade $1.75

Come see Elton at the café and enjoy a great meal at a convenient location.